Registration is open 

for new 4 week mini

classes. Classes start

week of April 19.

Mini Classes

Partners Dance Studio offers 8 week mini classes. Classes are held once a week for only 8 weeks. Email Partners for the changing schedule.


Drama class is a fun interactive class to bring out everyone’s creativity! Cori from All About The Drama instructions fun character games in a non pressure environment. The class will perform a small skit for parents during the last class. 30-60 minute class depending on age. $55-$110 for 8 weeks.


Young tumbling class is for 3-5 year old kids who love to roll and learn how to bend. Class is 30 minutes. $55 for 8 weeks.


Mommy/daddy and me class is a fun movement class for toddlers. Kids will love moving around to music using ribbon wands, hola hoops, tumbling mats, and other fun props. 30 minute class. $55 for 8 weeks.

Beginner hip hop class teaches 2nd-3rd graders the fundamentals of hip hop. Kids with work on individual stunts and learn to free style. 30 minute class. $55 for 8 weeks.

Beginner lyrical is a fun and beautiful class for 4th-5th graders. They will move across the floor learning leaps and spins. 30 minute class. $55 for 8 weeks.